Monday, April 6, 2009

A long awaited update :)

Hi Everyone!
We just wanted to give everyone a short updated little blog since its been awhile. This past Thursday, I turned 21 weeks! I can’t believe I’m already this far along, it seems like yesterday we found out that I was pregnant. Chris and I went to have my Anatomy Ultrasound on March 25th and the Doctor said the baby looked great! He had no signs of Down syndrome or any other health condition we should be worried about. I also got the results back to my bloodwork, which tested the baby for any possibilities of Down syndrome, or any other health conditions, which also came back negative. YAY! Thanks to everyone for all their thoughts & prayers! At my next appointment with Dr. Kotian, which is April 28th, I’m scheduled to take my glucose test which tests me for gestational diabetes and the not so fun Rhogam shot! I also have to have another ultrasound between 26-28 weeks so Dr. Kotian can see if the hematoma I have has moved at least two inches. This is so she can tell if I’ll be able to have normal birth or possibly have to get a cesarean. At first I definitely wanted the cesarean, but she described the procedure to me in detail and now I definitely do not want it! Also, our sweet little boy has started moving a lot more! It’s such a funny feeling and he especially catches me off guard when I least expect it. As a matter of fact, he’s moving at this very second. I suppose that’s his way of wanting to tell everyone hi :) We did get sonogram pictures on the 25th, however, the ultrasound technician was not able to take really good ones because he was in a hard position throughout the whole ultrasound. Not to worry though… we’ll definitely share one of the 3-D sonogram pictures we got. In other news… this past Friday Chris surprised me with something beautiful! I have to share it on here of course because it’s gorgeous and I want to share our happiness with everyone :)
I’ll be back to update some more another day. Until our next post…

Chris, Lisa, & baby♥

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